Please note that during the coronavirus Covid-19 shutdown the following applies:

RISHWORTH STREET WAKEFIELD - Open for Collections and Deliveries

JACOBS WELL WAKEFIELD - Open for Deliveries only until further notice

MARKET STREET BIRSTALL - SANDWICH & CO BIRSTALL will be opening this Monday 27th April from 08.00 til 14:00 for phone orders and deliveries please call us on 01924 475551. Card payments can be taken over the phone cash payment will also be accepted, we will allow one person in to the shop at a time, please allow us as much time as possible to take and process your order.

Business Lunches

Sandwich & Co

MENU 1 (minimum 4 persons)

Sliced white or brown bread or mixture of both. Choose any of the above fillings.                                                                    £4.00 per person.

MENU 2 (minimum 4 persons)

Mixture of sliced white and brown bread plus mixture of white,brown and granary rolls. Choose any of the above fillings.   £4.50 per person

MENU 3 (minimum 4 persons)

Mixture of sliced white and brown bread plus a mixture of white,brown and granary rolls. Choose any of the above fillings. Plus mixture of sausage rolls, pork pies and mini quiches.                                  £5.50 per person

Add a selection of crisps to any of the above menus at 50p per person

MENU 4 (minimum 4 persons)

Mixture of all breads. Choose any of the above fillings. Plus mixture of sausage rolls, mini quiches, pork pies, mini breaded chicken filletsand a selection of crisps.                                                    £6.50 per person

Add a selection of finger cakes to any of the above for 75p per person.

All platters will be dressed with lettuce, tomato and cucumber (please state if this is not required).

All the above menus are available with minimum 24hrs notice, shorter notice is possible on most of the above please contact us for your requirements.

A selection of juices or water are available, please enquire for details.

Choose from:Business Lunches

  • sliced white and brown bread
  • white, brown or granary breadrolls
  • baguettes or wraps (soft tortillas)

Choice of fillings:

  • Roast ham (our own Yorkshire roast ham)
  • beef (our own roast silverside)
  • fresh turkey breast
  • corned beef
  • sliced chicken breast
  • chicken mayo
  • chicken tikka
  • chinese chicken
  • coronation chicken
  • Cajun chicken
  • fajita chicken
  • chicken mayo & bacon
  • honey & mustard chicken
  • grated cheddar cheese
  • soft cheese
  • savoury cheese
  • savoury cheese & bacon
  • plain tuna
  • tuna mayo
  • egg mayo
  • egg mayo & bacon
  • crab mayo
  • prawn mayo
  • prawn cocktail
  • Cajun steak
  • cottage cheese
  • turkey & stuffing

A selection of pickles/sauces available to accompany the above i.e. branston pickle, horseradish sauce, mustard etc.


Terms & ConditionsCatering Services2

  • All prices quoted are to supply buffet food Monday to Friday within the hours of 8am to 4pm.
  • We operate between the hours of 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. If you have any catering requirements outside these hours there may be an extra charge please enquire at time of booking.

Cancellation or reduction in numbers
as follows:

  • Buffets to be cancelled or amended by 2pm the day prior to the booking or full charges apply.

Buffet foods are delivered as close to the booking time as possible. However the client must be aware that delays may occur en route due to traffic or road problems.

All buffet food is delivered in chilled packaging, however we recommend that all food is consumed within one hour of delivery or stored in a refrigerator for consumption that same day. We cannot accept responsibility for food left out and allowed to deteriorate before consumption.


  • Payment is required on delivery of the ordered buffet unless prior arrangements have been made.